SB 0353 Revises "recalculated levy" used to determine state aid for certain school districts
01/23/01S First Read S130
02/05/01Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S197
02/14/01Hearing Conducted S Education Committee-Consent
03/01/01Voted Do Pass S Education Committee-Consent
03/06/01Reported From S Education Committee to Floor-Consent S411
03/26/01S Third Read and Passed - Consent S537
03/27/01H First Read H831
03/28/01H Second Read H840
04/02/01Referred H Education-Elementary & Secondary Committee H914
04/10/01Hearing Conducted H Education-Elementary & Secondary
04/11/01Voted Do Pass H Education-Elementary & Secondary
Committee - Consent
04/12/01Reported Do Pass w/HCA 1 H Education-Elementary & H1129-1130
Secondary Committee - Consent
05/03/01HCA 1 H adopted H1584
05/03/01H Third Read and Passed, as amended - Consent H1585S1084
05/07/01S Concurred in HCA 1 S1126
05/07/01S Third Read and Passed, as amended S1126
05/07/01Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed H1682
05/23/01Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1802
05/23/01Signed by Senate President S1803
05/29/01Signed by House Speaker H2569
05/29/01Delivered to Governor S1807
06/26/01Signed by Acting Governor
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