SB 0304 Permits removal of a trustee upon petition of the settlor, co-trustee or any beneficiary
01/16/01S First Read S101
01/29/01Second Read and Referred S Judiciary Committee S155
02/06/01Hearing Conducted S Judiciary Committee - Consent
02/06/01Voted Do Pass S Judiciary Committee - Consent
02/12/01Reported From S Judiciary Committee to Floor-Consent S234
02/21/01S Third Read and Passed - Consent S309
02/22/01H First Read H471
02/26/01H Second Read H478
04/02/01Referred H Judiciary Committee H914
04/10/01Hearing Conducted H Judiciary Committee
04/12/01HCS Voted Do Pass H Judiciary Committee - Consent
04/12/01HCS Reported Do Pass H Judiciary Committee - Consent H1030
05/03/01HCS H adopted
05/03/01Defeated on H Third Reading H1602-1603
05/09/01Motion to reconsider H Third Reading Vote - H adopted H1767
05/09/01H Third Read and Passed H1768S1202
05/10/01S Refused to Concur in HCS S1228H1808
05/10/01S Requested H recede or grant conference S1228H1808
05/11/01H Refused to recede & granted conference H1946S1301
05/11/01H Conferees Appointed H1946S1301
05/11/01S Conferees Appointed S1303H1965
05/18/01In Conference
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