SB 0191 St. Louis County third class cities to fill vacancies by appointment; eliminates office of marshal for certain cities
01/03/01S First Read S29
01/23/01Second Read and Referred S Financial & Governmental S131
Organizations, Veterans' Affairs & Elections Comm.
02/19/01Hearing Conducted S Financial & Govt. Organizations,
Veterans' Affairs & Elections Committee-Consent
03/01/01Voted Do Pass with SCA 1 & 2 S Financial & Gov. Org.
Veterans' Affairs & Elections Committee-Consent
03/05/01Reported From S Financial & Gov. Org., Vet. Affairs & S400-401
Elections Committee to Floor w/SCAs 1 & 2 - Consent
03/06/01Unanimous consent granted to send forward a correct S411
version of SCA 1
03/13/01SCA 1 S adopted S471
03/13/01SCA 2 S adopted S471
03/13/01S Third Read and Passed, as amended - Consent S471
03/13/01H First Read H690-691
03/14/01H Second Read H697
03/29/01Referred H Local Government & Related Matters Com. H889
04/12/01Hearing Conducted H Local Government & Related
Matters Committee
04/12/01HCS Voted Do Pass H Local Government & Related
Matters Committee - Consent
04/12/01HCS Reported Do Pass H Local Government & Related H1030
Matters Committee - Consent
04/24/01Removed from H Consent Calendar H1304
04/24/01Referred H Rules & Joint Rules Committee H1306
04/25/01Return Bill to Committee of origin H Local Government H1336
& Related Matters Committee
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