SB 0042 Regulates Internet access for minors; creates summer academyat UMR; and modifies child care program safety requirements
01/03/01S First Read S19
01/10/01Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S80
01/17/01Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
02/07/01SCS Voted Do Pass S Education Committee (0522S.02C)
04/05/01Committee Vote Reconsidered S Education Committee
04/05/01SCS Voted Do Pass w/SCS SBs 42 & 108 S Education
Committee (0522S.03C)
04/05/01Reported From S Education Committee to Floor w/SCS S682
04/30/01SA 1 to SCS S offered & adopted (Cauthorn) S933
04/30/01SA 2 to SCS S offered & adopted (Bland) S940
04/30/01SA 3 to SCS S offered & adopted (Bentley) S940-941
04/30/01SA 4 to SCS S offered & adopted (Bentley) S941
04/30/01SCS, as amended, S adopted S941
04/30/01Perfected S941
05/01/01Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S952
05/01/01Referred S Budget Control Committee S966
05/02/01Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
05/02/01Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
05/02/01Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S1003
05/02/01S Third Read and Passed (EC adopted) S1005-1006
05/02/01H First Read (w/EC) H1555
05/03/01H Second Read H1564
05/03/01Referred H Civil & Administrative Law Committee H1611
05/09/01Hearing Conducted H Civil & Administrative Law Com.
05/16/01HCS Voted Do Pass H Civil & Administrative Law Com.
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