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SB 723 - This act creates the Invasive Species Council. The named members of the Council are the Directors of the Departments of Agriculture, Conservation, Health, Natural Resources and Transportation. The Director of the Department of Conservation shall serve as the first-year Council chair and the other named members shall serve one year terms as Council chair on a rotating basis. Other agencies may be included. The five named agencies shall provide temporary staffing for the Council, and the Council may request appropriations for dedicated staffing.

State agencies whose actions affect invasive species shall attempt to prevent further impacts of invasive species and shall not act in ways that create further impacts of invasive species.

The Council shall oversee implementation of the act, encourage planning, develop recommendations, facilitate sharing of information and create and update an Invasive Species Management Plan.

The Plan shall be issued within 18 months of passage. The Plan shall be a 5-year rolling plan including goals, objectives and measures of success concerning invasive species.