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SCS/SJR 46 - This proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, would authorize the General Assembly to impose replacement taxes for certain existing utility taxes, including: local sales taxes, gross receipts taxes and franchise fees on natural gas and electricity and taxes on real or tangible personal property used directly for the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity.

The tax being replaced shall be terminated upon the effective date of the replacement tax. The replacement tax shall be imposed upon the distributor of electricity or natural gas or the user if not received from a distributor who has paid the tax. The replacement taxes shall be imposed so that the share of tax burden on generally-recognized groups of customers shall be the same as for such groups under the replaced tax during the year 2000. The replacement taxes shall be imposed so as to replace lost revenues for each political subdivision, to the extent practicable.

A political subdivision may include the value of real and tangible personal property for which a replacement tax has been imposed in its total taxable tangible property for determining indebtedness limitations.

Except for revenues to the Blind Pension Fund, replacement tax revenues shall not be considered part of total state revenues for the purposes of Article X of the Missouri Constitution. Any local sales tax levied for the purpose of reducing property taxes shall include such sales tax revenues as part of gross property tax revenues.