Senator Klarich
Bills Sponsored

SB 0742 - Creates procedure for Tort Victims' Compensation Fund
SB 0743 - The Dept. of Revenue shall advise taxpayers that they are eligible for the pharmacy tax credit
SB 0744 - Clarifies state policy is to recognize marriage only between a male and a female
SB 0759 - Requires all public office spaces not utilized by state employees to be leased to the highest bidder
SB 0760 - Makes the St. Louis County auditor an elected official
SB 0866 - Provides a centralized filing system in the records of the Division of Finance
SB 0896 - Modifies law regarding LLC's, LLP's, corporations, financial institutions and other financial arrangements
SCR 023 - Directs Natural Resources Department to assess MBTE contamination of ground & surface water in St. Louis
SR 1303 - Relating to social anxiety disorder
SR 1446 - Proposed Rule Change-Rules 3 & 101 (Introduction of guests)

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