Senator Sims
Bills Sponsored

SB 0585 - Exempts social security income from taxation
SB 0586 - Provides a homestead exemption from property taxes for totally disabled veterans
SB 0695 - Restores full federal income tax deductibility for individuals
SB 0696 - Restores full federal income tax deductibility for corporations
SB 0736 - Creates a tax credit and modifies provisions in the law relating to hepatitis A treatment and vaccination
SB 0766 - Revises alternative school laws
SB 0783 - Creating additional enforcement mechanisms for the Director of Revenue to quantify and collect the video rental tax
SB 0784 - Requires the state auditor to review the deposit and disbursement of state funds
SB 0792 - Reduces speed limit from 70 mph to 65 mph on rural interstates and freeways
SB 0854 - Terminates the Certificate of Need process for long-term care facilities
SB 0877 - Governor shall declare February as Missouri Lifelong Learning Month
SB 0932 - Authorizes an obesity awareness program and permits medicaid coverage for anti-obesity drugs
SB 0933 - Establishes State Public Charter School Board
SB 0947 - Revises the licensure of home health care agencies under the Department of Health
SB 0958 - Authorizes a tax credit for research and development
SB 0976 - Establishes the Office on Women's Health within the Department of Health
SB 0992 - Pension exemption applies only when included in federal adjusted gross income
SB 1027 - Allows additional health care professionals to provide certain dental treatments to children
SB 1031 - Revises and creates crimes regarding theft of merchandise
SB 1032 - Regulates sale of unused property (flea markets)
SB 1046 - Recorder shall not issue marriage license to person less than 17 to anyone 21 or older
SB 1071 - Modifies employee disqualification provisions and payment of penalties related to nursing home violations
SCR 036 - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on the Transfer of the Division of Aging"

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