Senator Goode
Bills Sponsored

HB 1101 - Public debt appropriations
HB 1102 - Appropriates money for the State Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 1103 - Appropriations for Higher Education
HB 1104 - Appropriations for the Departments of Revenue and Transportation
HB 1105 - Appropriations for the Office of Administration
HB 1106 - Appropriations for the Departments of Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
HB 1107 - Appropriations for the Departments of Economic Development, Insurance and Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 1108 - Appropriations for the Department of Public Safety
HB 1109 - Appropriations for the Department of Corrections
HB 1110 - Appropriations for the Departments of Mental Health/Health; the Bd. of Public Buildings and MO Health Facilities Review
HB 1111 - Appropriations for the Department of Social Services
HB 1112 - Appropriations: Public Officers; General Assembly; Judges
HB 1114 - Supplemental appropriations
HB 1326 - Increases penalties for violations of utility laws
HB 1797 - Creates the Insurance Identification Database Fund and modifies other laws relating to motor vehicles
SB 0546 - Creates crime of aggravated driving with excessive blood alcohol content
SB 0547 - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for employees of state and local governments
SB 0548 - Establishes Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund
SB 0611 - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0612 - Requires sellers of energy services to certify with the Public Service Commission to collect and remit taxes
SB 0613 - Revises law regarding graduated driver's licensing and requirements of filing high-risk insurance
SB 0650 - Allows all counties to establish homeless programs and increases fees on recorded instruments to $5
SB 0651 - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0652 - Reduces speed limit by five mph for trucks on certain highways, expressways and interstates of this state
SB 0669 - Vetoed bills become effective 90 days after successful vote to override the veto
SB 0723 - Creates Invasive Species Council
SB 0727 - Revises sunset on closure of certain municipal utility records
SB 0745 - Increases penalties for violations of utility laws
SB 0772 - Allows use of a single contract to design and build state facilities
SB 0781 - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0791 - Revises motor vehicle emissions inspections for certain areas
SB 0802 - Revises criteria used to evaluate redevelopment projects funded by tax increment financing
SB 0803 - Revises various utility taxes and authorizes replacement taxes
SB 0810 - Extends the hospital federal reimbursement allowance to September 30, 2001
SB 0865 - Creates the "Community Comeback Act" for eradication of blight and neighborhood revitalization in St. Louis County
SB 0983 - Establishes a fee structure for fees collected for waste water treatment
SB 0995 - Allows for suspension of motor vehicle emissions inspection program
SB 1044 - Limits the use of genetic information by insurance companies, employers and genetic testing laboratories
SB 1052 - Creates the "Live Near Your Work" program to facilitate neighborhood redevelopment
SB 1053 - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SB 1065 - Directs Department of Revenue to work with other states to streamline tax collection and administration
SCR 029 - Establishes a study of sales and use taxes to simplify collection
SJR 035 - Revises the authority of the Salary Commission
SJR 046 - Authorizes replacement taxes for various utility taxes
SJR 048 - Criminal activity forfeiture proceeds shall be divided between schools and law enforcement
SJR 055 - Exempts certain fees paid to the Dept. of Natural Resources from the calculation of total state revenue
SR 1204 - Proposed rule change - Rule 95

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