Senator Yeckel
Bills Sponsored

HB 1802 - Allows mortgage insurance for up to one hundred percent of the market value of the property
SB 0590 - Creates crime of trespass of a school bus
SB 0591 - Establishes Year 2000 Classroom Fund with gaming proceeds
SB 0592 - Authorizes state income tax credit for cash contributions to school tuition organizations
SB 0635 - Freezes residential property valuation for senior citizens
SB 0804 - Allows mortgage insurance for up to 100% of the market value of the property
SB 0805 - Allows a tax deduction for those who contribute to medical savings accounts
SB 0943 - Requires disclosure to the Department of Health of the transfer of human fetal parts for research purposes
SB 1006 - Revises child custory relocation
SB 1023 - Limits the total amount of tax credits available for qualified investments in Missouri small business
SB 1024 - Allows naturopathic practitioners to become certified
SB 1060 - Eliminates portion of certain appeal bonds
SJR 041 - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority
SJR 042 - Revises the Constitution to allow public funding to educational activities controlled by religious entities

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