Journal of the Senate




The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

President Wilson in the Chair.

The Reverend Carl Gauck offered the following prayer:

The Book of Genesis tells us that the Lord God said: "Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go." (Genesis 28:15)

Gracious God, we are thankful for this still moment with You and reminding us that You are our God, our Emmanuel, God with us. Continue to guide us through the remaining hours of this session and watch our "going out and coming in" as we head home to be with those You have given us to love. In Your Holy Name we pray. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.

The Journal of the previous day was read and approved.

Photographers from KRCG-TV, the Associated Press and the Senate were given permission to take pictures in the Senate Chamber today.

The following Senators were present during the day's proceedings:

Bentley Bland Carter Caskey
Childers DePasco Ehlmann Flotron
Goode Graves House Howard
Jacob Kenney Kinder Klarich
Mathewson Maxwell Mueller Quick
Rohrbach Russell Schneider Sims
Singleton Staples Steelman Stoll
Westfall Wiggins Yeckel--31
Absent with leave--Senators
Clay Johnson Scott--3
The Lieutenant Governor was present.


Senator Ehlmann offered Senate Resolution No. 12, regarding Joann Leykam, St. Charles County, which was adopted.

Senators Caskey and Wiggins offered Senate Resolution No. 13, regarding Webster University in Kansas City, which was adopted.

Senator Stoll offered Senate Resolution No. 14, regarding John T. Zulpo, Jr., Arnold, which was adopted.

Senator Stoll offered Senate Resolution No. 15, regarding Head Volleyball Coach Jo Ellen Stringer of Jefferson College, Hillsboro, which was adopted.

Senator DePasco offered the following resolution, which was read and adopted:


BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate, that the Administrator of the Senate be and is hereby instructed to purchase and deliver to each Senator postage stamps not to exceed the value of eight hundred twenty-five ($825.00) and to take his or her receipt for the amount of postage stamps delivered, said stamps to be used by each Senator only for official business connected with his office, the expenses of same to be paid out of the contingent fund of the Senate.


The following messages were received from the House of Representatives through its Chief Clerk:

Mr. President: I am instructed by the House of Representatives to inform the Senate that the House has taken up and adopted HR 1.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the Ninetieth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, inform the Governor and the Senate that the House is duly convened and is now in session in the 2000 Constitutional Veto Session and ready for consideration of business.


Mr. President: I am instructed by the House of Representatives to inform the Senate that the House has taken up and adopted HR 3.


BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives, that the Chief Clerk of the House inform the Senate that the House, having been duly convened as provided by Section 32, Article III of the Constitution, made no motions to override the Governor's vetoes on CCS for HB 1103, CCS for HB 1106, CCS for HB 1109, CCS No. 2 for HB 1110, CCS for HB 1111, CCS for HB 1120, SCS for HB 1396 and HB 1596 when the bills were called by the Speaker.


Senator Ehlmann offered the following resolution:


WHEREAS, Missouri Gaming Commission rules forbid private communication with casino representatives about gambling matters; and

WHEREAS, Station Casinos Inc. paid $500,000 in bonuses to a private attorney for lobbying the Missouri Gaming Commission; and

WHEREAS, that private attorney has testified that he had certain communications with a former Chairman of the Missouri Gaming Commission; and

WHEREAS, the former chairman denies any impropriety; and

WHEREAS, the Missouri Gaming Commission issued subpoenas by facsimile to seven Station Casino officials to appear before the Commission and respond to inquiries concerning the above activities; and

WHEREAS, seven Station Casino officials refused to honor Gaming Commission subpoenas to testify at the hearing investigating the alleged violations; and

WHEREAS, the Gaming Commission has taken no action to have a circuit judge enforce the subpoena; and

WHEREAS, the public wants to know what the executives knew about the relationship between the private attorney and former chairman and why Station Casino Inc. paid a $500,000 bonus:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Missouri Senate, Ninetieth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, hereby urge the Missouri Gaming Commission to seek immediate enforcement of the subpoenas by a circuit judge and reconvene the hearing at the earliest possible time to obtain the testimony of the seven Station Casino Inc. executives; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of the Missouri Senate be instructed to prepare a properly inscribed copy of this resolution for the Gaming Commission.

Senator Ehlmann moved that the above resolution be adopted.

Senator DePasco raised the point of order that SR 17 is out of order under the provisions of Article III, Section 32 of the Constitution.

At the request of Senator DePasco, the point of order was withdrawn.

At the request of Senator Ehlmann, SR 17 was withdrawn.


The President introduced to the Senate, Alan Kelly, Cindy Kadlec and Vanessa Caleb.

On motion of Senator DePasco, the Senate adjourned sine die pursuant to the Constitution.


Lieutenant Governor


Secretary of Senate