Journal of the Senate



The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

President Pro Tem Quick in the Chair.

The Reverend Carl Gauck offered the following prayer:

Proverbs 4:27 "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

Gracious and Heavenly Father, keep our hearts firmly rooted in Your promises. Ground our faith in Your Word so that whatever difficulties we may face we may experience Your presence with us. Help us to pray so that we are anchored in living lives fully as You intend for us. And help us help others be all You have created them to be. And in so doing may we know the joys of living in peace and contentment all the days of our lives. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.

The Journal for the previous day was read and approved.

Senator DePasco announced that photographers from KOLR-TV, Springfield and the Senate had been given permission to take pictures in the Senate Chamber today.

The following Senators were present during the day's proceedings:

Bentley Bland Caskey Childers
Clay DePasco Ehlmann Flotron
Goode Graves House Howard
Jacob Johnson Kenney Kinder
Klarich Mathewson Maxwell Mueller
Quick Rohrbach Russell Schneider
Scott Sims Singleton Staples
Steelman Stoll Westfall Wiggins
Absent with leave--Senators--None


Senator Schneider offered Senate Resolution No. 1099, regarding Ronald Joseph Mueller, Jr., and Wendi Kim Chesterton, which was adopted.

Senator Mathewson offered Senate Resolution No. 1100, regarding the death of Robert Beykirch, Sedalia, which was adopted.


The following Bill was read the 1st time and 1,000 copies ordered printed:

SB 902-By Mathewson.

An Act to repeal sections 313.270, 313.805, 313.807, 313.812, 313.815, 313.817, 313.822 and 313.830, RSMo 1994, relating to gaming, and to enact in lieu thereof eight new sections relating to the same subject, with penalty provisions.


Senator Russell introduced to the Senate, Clarence Hager, Sunrise Beach; and Russell Maxwell, George Dryer, Dale Nelson and Donald E. Bose, Buffalo.

Senator Jacob introduced to the Senate, the Physician of the Day, Dr. Chris Southwick, Columbia.

On motion of Senator DePasco, the Senate adjourned under the rules.