Assigned Bills

SB 0533 (Wiggins) - Modifies procedures for initiating a civil action on certain discriminatory practices
SB 0543 (Staples) - Adds one associate circuit judge in St. Francois County
SB 0601 (Schneider) - Reclassifies five associate circuit judges as circuit judges in St. Louis County
SB 0621 (Clay) - Modifies procedures for initiating a civil action on certain discriminatory practices
SB 0641 (Schneider) - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0648 (Russell) - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0664 (Schneider) - Authorizes the Commission on Judicial Resources to reallocate judgeships
SB 0666 (Russell) - Allows non-attorneys to represent themselves before certain state agencies
SB 0673 (Childers) - Exempts watercraft liveries from liability for the inherent risks arising from paddlesport activities
SB 0675 (Bland) - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18 and excuses certain students
SB 0678 (Schneider) - Makes several changes to court procedures; authorizes payments from Tort Victims' Fund
SB 0679 (Schneider) - Transfers control of certain court employees in St. Louis from the clerk to the court
SB 0680 (Russell) - Revises speedy trial provisions
SB 0682 (Russell) - Exempts volunteers in civic activities from civil liability for ordinary negligence
SB 0684 (Childers) - Modifies joint and several liability, the collateral sources rule and punitive damages
SB 0697 (Schneider) - Changes process for separating recorders and circuit clerks and process to make circuit clerk appointed
SB 0706 (Schneider) - Repeals statute of limitations for procedural challenges to legislative enactments
SB 0742 (Klarich) - Creates procedure for Tort Victims' Compensation Fund
SB 0746 (Johnson) - Expands the grant of immunity for the donation of fire equipment
SB 0761 (Schneider) - Creates procedure for Tort Victims' Compensation Fund claims
SB 0776 (Mueller) - Requires affidavits in civil suits against certain professionals
SB 0824 (Wiggins) - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18
SB 0870 (Schneider) - Certain commissioner positions are eliminated and adds certain judgeships in their place
SB 0914 (Schneider) - Changes procedures used by the Administrative Hearing Commission
SB 0950 (Schneider) - Government shall not have sovereign immunity when engaged in proprietary functions
SB 0970 (Flotron) - Replaces all state administrative institutions hearings with a new Office of Administrative Hearings
SB 0973 (Schneider) - Creates a civil cause of action when there is a claim of malpractice for treatment of work-related injuries
SB 0977 (Kinder) - Limits state agency contracts for legal services
SB 1004 (Schneider) - Invalidates MO Supreme Court administrative rules that conflict with statutes; voids Rule 6.05
SB 1029 (Schneider) - Modifies civil actions that may be heard by associate circuit judges
SJR 031 (Schneider) - Revises term limits for members of the General Assembly
SJR 032 (Schneider) - Commission on Judicial Resources may evaluate need for judicial positions
SJR 034 (Staples) - Allows voters by petition to enable an officeholder, otherwise subject to term limits, to become a candidate
SJR 043 (Bland) - Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment
SJR 052 (Johnson) - Revises term limits to exclude certain partial terms of service in the General Assembly

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