Elections, Veterans' Affairs & Correction
Assigned Bills

HB 1185 - (Gratz) Authorizes conveyance of certain Lincoln University property to Jefferson City and part of Mexico Veterans Home property
HB 1186 - (Gratz) Authorizes Governor to convey certain property in Cole County which is part of Church Farm Correctional Facility
SB 0564 (Rohrbach) - Prohibits future private prisons or jails
SB 0618 (Rohrbach) - Revises contracting for telephone service for inmates
SB 0692 (Kinder) - Requires veterans' homes to ensure that the spiritual needs of veterans are met
SB 0730 (Graves) - Authorizes work camps for qualified inmates of the Corrections Department
SB 0731 (Bentley) - Allows Purple Heart recipients to receive free registration and specialized license plates
SB 0738 (Maxwell) - Allows prisons to provide laundry or linen services only to state departments and employees
SB 0765 (Kenney) - Allows individuals to obtain POW/MIA specialized license plates
SB 0806 (Jacob) - Requires elected sheriffs to become certified peace officers
SB 0818 (Maxwell) - Prisons shall provide laundry or linen services only to state departments and employees
SB 0872 (Flotron) - Allows certain convicted felons to obtain post-conviction DNA testing
SB 0886 (Ehlmann) - Requires that redistricting for Congress and the General Assembly be based upon actual population counts
SB 0971 (Jacob) - Establishes public campaign financing for legislative and statewide elected officials
SB 0985 (Maxwell) - Authorizes the conveyance of a small part of the property of the Mexico Veterans home
SB 1056 (Howard) - Members of political party committees may be replaced for non-attendance
SJR 050 (Stoll) - Revises requirements to be met by those involved in the management of bingo

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