Pre-filed December 1, 1999, and 1,000 copies ordered printed.

TERRY L. SPIELER, Secretary.



To repeal section 21.183, RSMo 1994, relating to the general assembly, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to the same subject.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, as follows:

Section A.  Section 21.183, RSMo 1994, is repealed and three new sections enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as sections 21.183, 21.184 and 21.186, to read as follows:

21.183.  1.  [The chairman of the senate and house appropriations committees shall,] During the first two weeks of December of each year following a general election, the legislative academy shall arrange for and supervise a schedule for the personal visitation and inspection of state-supported institutions by persons elected to membership in the general assembly for the first time.

2.  [The schedule of visits and inspection of state institutions by newly elected senators shall be arranged for and supervised by the chairman of the senate appropriations committee and those for newly elected members of the house of representatives by the chairman of the house appropriations committee.

3.]  The staff of the committee on legislative research and other staff of the general assembly, upon request, shall furnish to the [chairman of the respective appropriations committees] academy such research, secretarial and clerical assistance as [they require] may be required and such staff personnel as may be requested to accompany the members on trips of inspection to the several state institutions.

[4.]  3.  All persons making these visits and inspections as provided in this section are entitled to reimbursement for the actual and necessary expenses incurred to be paid out of the senate or house contingent funds, as the case may be.

21.184.  1.  There is hereby established a "Legislative Academy" under the supervision of the committee on legislative research.  The committee may contract for specific services relating to training provided by the academy but shall otherwise sponsor, staff and supervise the academy within the existing resources of the Missouri general assembly.  Any member of the Missouri general assembly may attend such legislative academy.  The legislative academy shall be designed to familiarize members with organization and operation of state government, public facilities, state revenue sources and limitations, the appropriations process, the functions of legislative committees and other topics as determined by the committee on legislative research.  Such academy shall be comprehensive in subject matter and provide a thorough perspective on legislative duties and responsibilities.

2.  The academy shall meet for at least twelve weeks between June first and November first of each biennium following each first regular session of the general assembly.  For members of the senate who attend the legislative academy, two weeks of the academy shall be devoted to procedural rules of the senate and other areas of particular importance to members of the senate.

3.  The members of the general assembly attending the legislative academy shall receive the same per diem and expense allowance as the members would receive during the regular session of the general assembly for each day that they attend the academy.

21.186.  1.  There is established a "Legislative Academy Advisory Committee" to the committee on legislative research.  The advisory committee shall consist of nine members each of whom have served, but are not currently serving, as an elected member of the house of representatives or the senate.  The members shall be selected by the speaker and president pro tem for a four year term.  No more than five members of the advisory committee shall be members of the majority party.

2.  The advisory committee shall meet as determined by the committee on legislative research to assist in the development of programming for the legislative academy as defined in section 21.184.  Each member shall be entitled to reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of his or her duties.

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