SB 0771 Authorizes owners of self-storage facilities to charge a lessee a late fee for failing to pay rent on time
01/05/00S First Read S52
01/24/00Referred S Insurance & Housing Committee S137
02/08/00Hearing Conducted S Insurance & Housing Committee
02/09/00SCS Voted Do Pass w/SCS SBs 771, 849 & 822
S Insurance & Housing Committee
02/17/00Reported From S Insurance & Housing Committee to S271
Floor w/SCS
03/27/00SCS Ruled out of order S488
03/27/00Perfected S488
03/28/00Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S496
03/29/00S Third Read and Passed S542
03/29/00H First Read H746
03/30/00H Second Read H753
04/05/00Referred H Commerce Committee H843
04/10/00Hearing Conducted H Commerce Committee
04/10/00Voted Do Pass H Commerce Committee
05/11/00Reported Do Pass H Commerce Committee H1919
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