SB 0538 Closes personal records held by the Division of Motor Vehicles and Driver's Licensing
01/05/00S First Read S37
01/06/00Referred S Financial & Governmental Organization S63
01/24/00Hearing Conducted S Financial & Governmental
Organization Committee
01/31/00SCS Voted Do Pass w/SBs 538 & 565 S Financial &
Governmental Organization Committee
03/09/00Reported From S Financial & Governmental S419
Organizations Committee to Floor w/SCS
04/18/00SA 1 to SCS S offered & adopted (Russell) S744-748
04/18/00SCS, as amended, S adopted S748
04/18/00Perfected S748
04/19/00Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S766
04/19/00Referred S Budget Control Committee S766
04/25/00Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
04/26/00Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S822
04/27/00S Third Read and Passed S842-843
04/27/00H First Read H1120
05/01/00H Second Read H1131
05/02/00Referred H Transportation Committee H1227
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