SB 1017 Authorizes the issuance of $2 billion in bonds to finance highway construction and maintenance
02/14/00S First Read S223
02/17/00Referred S Transportation Committee S272
02/22/00Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
02/22/00Voted Do Pass w/SCAs 1 & 2 S Transportation Committee
03/02/00Reported From S Transportation Committee to S363
Floor w/SCAs 1 & 2
03/29/00SCA 1 S adopted S543
03/29/00SCA 2 S adopted S543
03/29/00SA 1 S offered & Ruled out of order (Klarich) S543-546
03/29/00SA 2 S offered & adopted (Ehlmann) S546
03/29/00SA 3 S offered & adopted (Schneider) S546-547
03/29/00SA 4 S offered & defeated (Maxwell) S547
03/29/00SA 5 S offered & withdrawn (Ehlmann) S547
03/29/00SA 6 S offered (Clay) S547-560
03/29/00SA 1 to SA 6 S offered & Ruled out of order (Ehlmann) S560
03/29/00SA 6 S Ruled out of order S560
03/29/00SA 7 S offered & defeated (Kenney) S560-561
03/29/00SA 8 S offered & adopted (Rohrbach) S561
03/29/00SA 9 S offered & adopted (Mathewson) S561
03/29/00Perfected, as amended S561
04/03/00Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S578
04/06/00S Third Read and Passed S638-639
04/06/00H First Read H871
04/10/00H Second Read H878
04/27/00Referred H Transportation Committee H1122
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