Legislative Column for the Week of Jan. 12, 2015
Legislature Reconvenes

On January 7, the 2015 legislative session officially convened at noon. The second week is now coming to a close, and progress has begun as we enter into, what I hope, will be an effective and productive session. The 2014 session was historical, and set the stage for the First Session of the 98th General Assembly to be the same. Five hundred eleven bills were introduced, 60 were signed by the governor, 22 were vetoed and nine were overrode during veto session. This is shaping up to be another eventful and busy year. As we end the second week of session, 250 bills have already been introduced, 12 of which I have filed.

The bills I have filed this legislative session include:

  • Senate Bill 33 modifies provisions relating to inspection of abortion clinics. This bill is not designed to restrict abortions, but rather ensure a safe environment is provided for the mother. Hospitals and surgical centers are required to comply with health inspections, as should any facility conducting surgical procedures.


  • Senate Bill 34 extends voter registration deadline for certain military and overseas voters. These men and women are overseas fighting for our constitutions, our rights and our freedoms. This bill would ensure our service men and women are extended their constitutional right to vote.
  • Senate Bill 35 requires the Department of Social Services to terminate Mo HealthNet services when it receives information that a Mo HealthNet recipient resides out of state. This will save money for the state by safeguarding that residents of another state cannot collect Missouri benefits.


  • Senate Bill 152 modifies provisions relating to solid waste. This bill would improve efficiency within recycling and waste removal for all Missourians.
  • Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 extends the solid waste management committee, which disbanded December 31, 2014. SCR 3 calls for a two year extension.


  • Senate Bill 153 provides that a managed care plan's network is adequate if the health carrier is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. This will give Missourians greater access to health care by allowing vetted companies to operate in our state.
  • Senate Bill 154 requires those practicing music therapy to have a license issued by the director of the Division of Professional Registration. This would implement a certification process in order to practice music therapy.


  • Senate Bill 157 modifies provisions relating to business filing fees. This bill is designed to save Missourians money when filing for a business license.
  • Senate Bill 213 requires children under the age of 18 to be prosecuted for most criminal offenses in juvenile courts unless the child is certified as an adult. This protects minors from being detained in an adult facility unless the person is certified as an adult.


  • Senate Bill 219 repeals a July 1, 2014, termination date so that retiring teachers with thirty-one or more years of creditable service will receive a retirement allowance with a 2.55 multiplier. This guarantees teachers that pay into the Missouri teachers retirement fund receive the allotted retirement allowances owed to them.

Two bills I recently filed, but have not yet received numbers, would include extending the regional jail 1.5% sales tax 12 years to 2027. Currently, it is set to sunset September 30, 2015. The second would set priorities for public funding for family planning in Missouri.

This is the legislation I have filed, and anticipate will soon be assigned to and heard by their committees. Throughout session I will provide more detailed analysis and information into already filed bills, and their progress, as well as information on new legislation I may file.

Government is a service industry. I always strive to place emphasis on serving my district and its residents. I believe the best bills are constituent influenced, and that the people working in business, are those who will best understand and know the issues they face. I am focused on achieving nothing, but positive results for the citizens I serve this legislative session. I will continue to file bills throughout the session, and promise to be diligently working for the constituents of the 27th Senatorial District.

I urge you to contact me with any questions or concerns you have about state government so that I can better represent you during the 2015 session.

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