For Immediate Release:
Sept. 12, 2014

Contact: Chris Dunn
(573) 751-2183

Senator Schaaf Thanks Governor for
Release of Levee Funds

JEFFERSON CITY — Today (9-12), Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, applauded the governor’s decision to release funds for improving levees around Rosecrans Memorial Airport located in St. Joseph. Earlier this year, Sen. Schaaf sought $2 million for those levees during the 2015 fiscal year budget process, which was approved by the General Assembly, but withheld by Governor Jay Nixon in June.

“Significant stretches of our levee system need improvement in northwest Missouri. Farmers, business leaders and government officials from across the area recognize the need to improve levees on both sides of the Missouri River. Keeping the levees strong is vital to protect infrastructure, private property and our long-term economic interests.

In Jefferson City, I’m fighting for jobs in our area. A future Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) could determine Rosecrans to be a liability. Another flood could lead to the closing of the base, which would result in nearly 1,100 guardsmen relocating. I’m committed to keeping the Missouri Air National Guard base in our community and it’s the reason I asked the Legislature for $2 million to get improvements started.

I’m pleased that the governor released the funds authorized for improving the levees around our airport. He continues to recognize the critical and expanding mission of the 139th Airlift Wing and its importance to our state. Releasing the funds today means preparations can begin next spring.

My gratitude also extends to Buchanan County, the City of St. Joseph and the Community Alliance of St. Joseph for their efforts seeking release of these funds.”

Rosecrans Air National Guard Base houses Missouri’s largest concentration of Guard personnel and members. The base provides airlift support, training and combat flying tactics for members of the United Stated Air Force and its sister services. It remains one of two flying wings in the Missouri Air National Guard.

The airport levees continue to be weakened from previous floods and currently protect an estimated billion dollars’ worth of government property and assets located on the base.

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