For Immediate Release:
Feb. 13, 2014

Contact: Sheron Fulson
(573) 751-3158

Testimony on Food Stamp Assistance Measure Sponsored by Sen. Curls Heard in Committee

JEFFERSON CITY — Legislation sponsored by Sen. Shalonn “Kiki” Curls, D-Kansas City, would expand eligibility requirements in Missouri for food stamp assistance.  Senate Bill 680 received a hearing this week in the Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Commission.

The bill, pursuant to the option granted under the federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, would allow an individual who has a possession or use of a controlled substance felony conviction to be eligible for food stamp benefits.

This person would have to successfully participate in, be accepted for treatment or on a waiting list for, or satisfactorily complete a substance abuse treatment program; be determined by a division-certified treatment provider to not need substance abuse treatment; or comply with all obligations imposed by the court, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and the Division of Probation and Parole.  In addition, those falling under these provisions would have to meet all other factors for food stamp eligibility.

“This legislation is identical to bills I have filed in previous years to expand requirements for food stamp assistance,” said Sen. Curls.  “By allowing those working to get back on the right path, we can help recipients make this move and once again become productive citizens of our society.”

During the hearing on Senate Bill 680, several organizations testified in support of the bill; the legislation received no opposition.  A passing vote out of the Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee would send Sen. Curls’ measure to the full Senate for possible debate. To follow Senate Bill 680, as well as Sen. Curls’ other sponsored bills, visit