SB 200
Enacts provisions relating to licenses granted by the Department of Revenue
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2/28/2019 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee (1215S.02C)
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August 28, 2019

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 200 - Subject to appropriation, the act requires the Department of Revenue to develop and implement a pilot program for a remote driver's license renewal system in compliance with federal law no later than January 1, 2022. Self-service kiosks shall be available at no more than ten locations throughout the state. Drivers may apply for no more than one consecutive renewal remotely, and shall apply within six months before or after the license expires as required for conventional renewal. Applicants for remote renewal shall not be required to complete the vision test or highway sign recognition test unless the Department has technology allowing the tests to be conducted remotely.

Processing fees collected by the kiosks shall be distributed with 50% to the counties, cities, and State Road Fund as provided in the act, and 50% to the nearest contract license office as determined by the Department by rule.

Subject to appropriation, this act authorizes the Department to develop, or contract with one or more entities to develop, a secure digital driver's license system. Digital driver's licenses shall be in addition to applicants' card-based licenses, shall be accessible through a mobile software application on the person's electronic device, and shall be valid for the same purposes as a card-based license. The Department shall suspend, disable, or terminate a person's participation in the digital driver's license system if the person's driving privileges are suspended, revoked, denied, withdrawn, or cancelled as provided by law, or if the person notifies the Department that the person's electronic device has been lost, stolen, or compromised.

This act is similar to provisions in SCS/HB 584 (2019) and provisions in HCS/HB 679 (2019).



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