SB 254
Specifies that the Director of Revenue may revoke the driver's license of a person determined to have struck a highway worker or emergency responder in a properly marked zone
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2/21/2019 - Hearing Conducted S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee
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August 28, 2019

Current Bill Summary

SB 254 - This act gives the Director of the Department of Revenue the authority to revoke a driver's license upon notification by a law enforcement officer that an individual was involved in a physical accident where his or her vehicle struck a highway worker within a properly designated construction or work zone (Section 304.585), or emergency responder within a properly designated active emergency zone (Section 304.894).

Individuals whose driver's licenses have been revoked may apply for immediate reinstatement by retaking and passing the written and driving portions of the driver's examination, or may petition the circuit court in the county in which the accident occurred. The revocation may be stayed pending the outcome of the case, as specified in the act. The county prosecutor shall act on behalf of the Director of Revenue at the hearing. The hearing shall determine only whether the person was involved in a highway accident when a worker or emergency responder was hit, and whether Department of Transportation guidelines for notice and signage were properly implemented. If the court determines either condition to not be satisfied, the court shall order the Director to reinstate the individual's license.

Administrative rulings to reinstate a license under these provisions, and any related evidence, shall not be subject to subpoena or otherwise discoverable in any administrative, civil, or criminal case.

This act is substantially similar to HB 499 (2019), and similar to HCS/HB 2287 (2018).



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