SB 678 - This act provides that a court may place a person on electronic monitoring with victim notification if the person is charged with, or has been found guilty of, violating an order of protection.

Electronic monitoring with victim notification is defined as a monitoring system that can monitor the movement of a person and immediately transmit the person's location to the victim and local law enforcement when the person enters a certain area.

The court only may place a person on electronic monitoring with victim notification if the protected person has provided his or her informed consent. The phrase "informed consent" is defined under the act.

The person being monitored must pay the costs associated with the monitoring unless he or she is determined by the court to be indigent. If determined to be indigent, the court clerk must notify the Department of Corrections and send a bill for the monitoring costs to the department. The department must establish a procedure to determine the portion of costs the indigent person is able to pay and must seek reimbursement of such costs. This act gives the Department of Corrections rulemaking authority for this provision.

Under this act, an alert is probable cause to arrest the monitored person for a violation of a protective order.

This act requires the Department of Corrections, Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol, circuit courts, and local law enforcement agencies to share information obtained via the electronic monitoring.

This act provides immunity from liability to suppliers of the electronic monitoring system for certain injuries associated with the use of the system.

The provisions of this act expire August 28, 2022.

These provisions are identical to provisions of HCS/SS/SCS/SB 663 (2016) and are similar to SB 86 (2015) and SCS/SB 640 (2014).


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