Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 923 - Currently, the traveling distance between trucks is required to be a minimum of three hundred feet. This act exempts trucks participating in a testing program using networked wireless communication among vehicles, infrastructure, or communications devices. Such testing program shall be limited to trucks operating on public highways and must be approved by the Highways and Transportation Commission. Any connected vehicle technology testing program shall be limited to operating multiple or single pairs of no more than 2 vehicles in a single convoy or formation. Further, this act grants the Highways and Transportation Commission authority to promulgate administrative rules to implement the testing program. This act provides a sunset of 6 years for such testing program, or 12 years if the program is reauthorized.

This act is identical to a provision contained in HCS/HB 2345 (2016) and SS/HB 1733 (2016).


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