SCS/SB 638 - This act creates the "Missouri Civics Education Initiative."

This act requires the subject of American civics to be included in the exam required for graduation from any public or private school, other than private trade schools. (Section 170.011)

Any student entering ninth grade after July 1, 2017, who is attending a public, charter, or private school, except for private trade schools, shall pass an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics.

The test will consist of one hundred questions similar to the one hundred questions used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Each district must adopt a policy permitting a student with a disability to receive a waiver from the basic civics test requirement if the student's IEP committee recommends it. (Section 170.345)

These provisions are substantially similar to HB 1646 (2016) and SCS/HCS/HB 578 et al. (2015) and are similar to SB 271 (2015) and SB 273 (2015).

This act also allows a school district to recognize a student's participation in the Constitution Project of the Missouri Supreme Court, as described in the act. (Section 170.350)

This act also creates the Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia. The Task Force will advise and make recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, and relevant state agencies. The Task Force will consist of seventeen members, as described in the act. Except for four legislative members and the Commissioner of Education, the members will be appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The task force will make recommendations for a statewide system for identification, intervention, and delivery of supports for students with dyslexia, as described in the act.

The Task Force will hire or contract for hire specialist services to support the work of the Task Force as necessary with appropriations or from other available funding.

The Task Force will terminate on August 31, 2018, unless reauthorized. (Section 633.420)

This provision is substantially similar to provisions contained in SB 548 (2015) and HCS/HB 921 (2015).


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