SB 691
Modifies insurance policy cancellation and reinstatement requirements and allows homeowner insurance companies to offer sinkhole coverage
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7/10/2014 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2014
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SB 691 - This act modifies insurance policy cancellation requirements by making any notice of cancellation constitute a present and unequivocal act of cancellation of the policy. This act also requires that notification of cancellation for nonpayment of premiums must include a specific notice in bold conspicuous type. This act allows an insurer to reinstate a policy at any time after a notice of cancellation is issued if the reason for the cancellation is remedies and specifies the communications an insurer may send to the insured.

This act also permits insurers to issue policies exclusively for sinkhole loss on habitational property upon application under the "Missouri Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program". Specific procedures for sinkhole loss claims investigation and expedited approval may be established by plans in addition to the procedures required under the Missouri Basic Property Inspection and Placement Program.

This act is similar to SB 445 (2013) and SB 616 (2012).