SB 83 Allows for the sale of deficiency waiver addendums and other similar products with respect to certain loan transactions
Sponsor: Pearce
LR Number: 0372S.01T Fiscal Note: 0372-01T.ORG
Committee: Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections
Last Action: 6/30/2011 - Signed by Governor Journal Page:
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2011
House Handler: Wells

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Current Bill Summary

SB 83 - This act specifically authorizes the sale of deficiency waiver addendums and guaranteed asset protection products with respect to certain consumer loans, second mortgage loans, and retail credit sales provided such products are purchased as part of a loan transaction with collateral, at the borrower's consent, and the cost of the product is disclosed in the loan contract. The borrower's consent to the purchase of the product shall be in writing and acknowledge receipt of the required disclosures by the borrower (Sections 408.140, 408.233, and 408.300). Each deficiency waiver addendum, guaranteed asset protection, or other similar product must provide that in the event of termination of the product prior to the scheduled maturity date of the indebtedness, any refund of an amount paid by the debtor for such product shall be paid or credited promptly to the debtor. No refund of less than $1 need be made. The formula to be used in computing the refund shall be the pro rata method. The act also provides consumers a free look period with respect to deficiency waiver addendums and guaranteed asset protection products. A debtor may cancel the product within 15 days of its purchase and shall receive a complete refund or credit of premium. This right shall be set forth in the loan contract, or by separate written disclosure. This right shall be disclosed at the time the debt is incurred in ten-point type and in a manner reasonably calculated to inform the debtor of this right (Section 408.380).

Some of the provisions of this act are contained in the truly agreed to version of SB 777 (2010) and SB 243 (2009).