SJR 45 Modifies the State Board of Education and requires the advice and consent of the Senate for the appointment of the Commissioner of Education
Sponsor: Shields
LR Number: 5512S.06P Fiscal Note: 5512-06P.ORG
Committee: General Laws
Last Action: 5/6/2010 - Hearing Conducted H Higher Education Committee Journal Page:
Title: SS#3 SCS SJR 45 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: Varies
House Handler: Thomson

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Current Bill Summary

SS#3/SCS/SJR 45 – This Senate Joint Resolution, if approved by voters, would modify the State Board of Education. Currently, the State Board only oversees the public schools in the state. This resolution would allow it to coordinate public higher education. In addition, the board must promote the development of a seamless and efficient system of education.

The number of members will be lowered from eight members to six members. Members will serve a term of six years instead of the current eight years. The terms of the initial appointees will be staggered, with two members serving for two years, two members for four years, and two members serving for six years. No more than three members may be of the same political party.

The new board will succeed the Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education.

Other powers and duties of the board may be prescribed by law.

This section will become effective July 1, 2011. (Section 2(a))

The Constitution currently provides that the State Board of Education appoint and select the Commissioner of Education. This resolution requires the advice and consent of the Senate for the appointment and selection of the Commissioner. (Section 2(b))