SB 960 Repeals and modifies provisions deemed to be obsolete
Sponsor: Lembke
LR Number: 4995S.01I Fiscal Note:
Committee: General Laws
Last Action: 2/18/2010 - Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee Journal Page: S375
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2010

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Current Bill Summary

SB 960 - This act repeals provisions that have been superceded by later statutes as well as provisions that are duplicated in other statutes.

Provisions with express expiration dates that have already passed are repealed under this act.

Intersectional references to statutes and subdivisions that are no longer codified in the statutes are removed under this act.

This act repeals provisions regarding one-time actions that have occurred, such as the abolishment of the Department of Business and Administration or assignments to various entities regarding reports and studies.

This act removes language from several statutes that currently reference the 2010 census and provides that the repeal and reenactment of these statues shall occur whenever the 2010 census estimates become available or April 1, 2011, whichever occurs first.

This act repeals language that provides for the automatic expiration of appropriations two months after a fiscal year and six months after the fiscal year for "governmental functions which require the utilization of good weather periods".

Current law allows the Commissioner of Administration to purchase surplus war materials and to select the personnel director and to nominate members of the Personnel Advisory Board. This act repeals both provisions. Another statute already allows the Governor to select the personnel director and the members of the Personnel Advisory Board without input from the Commissioner.

This act moves the provision establishing the Missouri Veterans Home Fund from Section 31.010, Funds of Eleemosynary, Educational and Penal Institutions, to Section 42.121, Veterans’ Affairs.

This act updates the name of the Crippled Children's Services Program and updates language regarding the program. The Children's Special Health Care Needs Service Fund is established in the state treasury and can be funded by revenues, refunds, legal settlements, reimbursements, donations, gifts, grants or bequests.

Various provisions exempting from sales tax motor fuel sold within an Indian reservation or within Indian country sold among tribe members are repealed under this act. In addition, this act removes the definitions of "Indian country" and "Indian tribe" from the Motor Fuel Tax definitions.

This act repeals a provision requiring the Department of Health and Senior Services to approve courses in the study of dialysis techniques for employees of certified end-stage renal disease facilities.

Various provisions regarding controlled substances are repealed under this law, such as a prohibition on promotions or advertisements of controlled substances for use or sale. Also, this act repeals a section of the drug laws that requires sellers of certain types of drugs to require buyers of the drugs to produce identification. The current law exempts certain types of buyers and provides a criminal penalty for its violation. This act also repeals provisions requiring sellers of certain drugs to register with the Department of Health and Senior Services.

This act repeals the state's National Historic Preservation Fund and the Medical Services Fund.

Under this act, an expiration date for a statute regarding annuity contracts for life, health and accident insurance is modified so it says the provisions will not apply to contracts made after 2006. The current language in the statute states that the provisions of the statute expire in 2006.

This act repeals a duty of the state treasurer to make out blank forms for returns and reports required by law to be submitted to the treasurer by county officers.

The Secretary of State's authority to establish and operate a microfilm service center for local agencies participating in the local records management program is repealed under this act.

The Commissioner of Administration is currently required to issue requests for bids to possible bidders in rotation when there are so many possible bidders that it would be impractical to submit a request to all of them. This act would remove that requirement.

This act repeals a statute containing provisions that require each state department to submit each year a list of its estimated need for supplies to the commissioner of administration and that provide the process for purchasing those supplies.

A statute prohibiting descriptions of properties using the coordinate system if a point on a land boundary is within one kilometer of a horizontal control station is repealed under this act.

This act repeals various statutes affecting incorporated cities, towns or villages, such as statutes that requires notice to be given before anyone vacates a lot, street, alley, common or public square, that allow for the regulation of closing hours for barbers and beauty shops, that outline procedures that must be followed when a city withdraws money from its treasury and that require the state to reimburse for the cost of foster care.

Various statutes regarding orphanages are repealed by this act.

This act repeals the statutes that authorize various executive departments to provide specific programs, commissions and committees.

This act repeals a law authorizing the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce to appoint a board of flour inspectors.

Statutes that regulate the sale, manufacture and advertising of butter substitutes are repealed under this act.

This act repeals a law exempting certain facilities that treat Alzheimer's or dementia from the requirements of the Missouri Certificate of Need Law.

Various provisions related to the County Family Services Commission and the director of the division of family services are repealed by this act.

This act repeals a law requiring steamboat commanders to pay ferry owners for landing on their ferries.

Under current law, it is a misdemeanor if shippers of property packed with straw or grass fail to burn the straw or grass at the time of unpacking. The act repeals this current law.

This act repeals certain provisions relating to the state's implementation of the federal Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act.

This act repeals a statute allowing bus drivers to use a CB radio.

An entire chapter regarding county licensure of pool tables is repealed under this act.

The Public Service Commission is currently allowed to enter into reciprocal agreements with other states dealing with motor carriers. This act repeals the commission's authority to enter such agreements.

This act repeals statutes making it a misdemeanor for railroad owners to provide cars to livestock shippers.

This act repeals provisions regulating steam engine locomotives and engineers.

An entire chapter regarding the estate of convicts is repealed under this act.

This act repeals various provisions regarding the Missouri Export Development Office Act.