SB 515 Creates requirements for educational needs of children placed in residential care facilities
Sponsor: Justus
LR Number: 2146S.02I Fiscal Note: 2146-02
Committee: Seniors, Families and Public Health
Last Action: 3/6/2007 - Hearing Conducted S Seniors, Families and Public Health Committee Journal Page:
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2007

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Current Bill Summary

SB 515 - This act provides that the educational needs of each child committed to the guardianship of the Department of Social Services is considered part of the function of the child's family support team. When a child is placed in a residential care facility setting for children by the department, the facility is responsible for the educational needs of the child. If the facility has a school on-site, such school shall provide educational services to the child, unless the child's plan of treatment indicates that the child is able to attend public school. Such facilities shall be reimbursed by the local school district, and such school district shall be compensated as provided by current law.

Any child under the care of a facility whose plan of treatment supports attendance at a public school but who subsequently is suspended or otherwise demonstrates school failure shall receive educational services at such facility with a school on site.

Nothing in this act shall prevent facilities that have a school on site from contracting with the local school district to provide educational services at such facility. Further, nothing in this act creates an obligation for a residential care facility to create an on site school.