Missouri State Senate
Bills Currently at a Specific Status

These reports show where a bill is currently located in the legislative process. A bill may appear on one report one day but will move to a different report the next day depending on the action taken on that bill. The lone exception is the report showing "All Senate Bills First Read in the House." Once a bill hits this report, it will remain on it regardless of its current action.

  • Senate Bills on Second Reading Calendar
  • House Bills on Senate Second Reading Calendar
  • Bills Awaiting Senate Hearing
  • Bills Scheduled for Hearing in Senate
  • Bills with Hearings Conducted in Senate
  • Bills Voted on in Senate Committee
  • Senate Perfection Calendars
  • Senate Consent Calendar
  • Perfected Senate Bills
  • Senate Resolutions Calendar
  • Senate Third Reading Calendars
  • All Senate Bills First Read in House
  • Senate Bills Awaiting Referral to House Committees
  • Senate Bills in House Committees
  • Senate Bills Reported Do Pass in House
  • Senate Bills on House Consent Calendar
  • Senate Bills on House Third Reading Calendar
  • Bills Awaiting Conference
  • Bills in Conference
  • Bills Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed
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