Missouri State Senate

Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 147 - This act pertains to the Missouri qualified biodiesel producer incentive fund.

The changes made included additional language that clarifies the eligibility of producers for grants available from the fund. Current law states that producers are eligible for a total of sixty months - the new language states that the producer may still be eligible for an additional twenty-four months, or until the full amount of funding is received, if the original appropriation was not fully met.

Other new language adds to the grant amount producers are eligible for - with this act, an additional ten cents per gallon for the next fifteen million gallons of qualified biodiesel produced from Missouri agricultural products is available for eligible producers. The limit of biodiesel produced that cannot be applied to the computation of a grant has also been raised here, the current law has it standing at in excess of fifteen gallons, we've changed that to thirty million gallons.

This act removes language that subjects the fund to "appropriations with funds other than general revenue funds". With this draft, the fund is simply "subject to appropriation".