Missouri Senate
Daily Journals - Second Special Session

These Journals are not official copies and should not be quoted or cited. The official copy is the paper copy, which may be obtained from the Senate Bill Room.

Journals are now available in PDF format. This allows you to view journals exactly as they are printed, making it easier to find a specific page number. Click the icon to view the journal in PDF format or click the date link to view the journal in regular HTML format. For more information on viewing PDF files, click here.

PagesJournal PagesJournal PagesJournal
1-24 Day 1 - 9/08/03 25-26 Day 2 - 9/09/03 27-30 Day 3 - 9/10/03
31-36 Day 4 - 9/11/03 37-38 Day 5 - 9/12/03

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