SB 0532 Creates the Pesticide Project Fund
Sponsor:Mathewson Co-Sponsor(s)
LR Number:1708S.02I Fiscal Note:1708-02
Committee:Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Natural Resources
Last Action:02/25/03 - Second Read and Referred S Agriculture, Conservation, Journal page:S309
Parks and Natural Resources Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 2003
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Current Bill Summary

SB 532 - This act creates the "Pesticide Project Fund" in the state treasury. The money from the annual pesticide registration fee and a new annual registration fee of $100 is imposed for each product registered. Up to thirty percent of the money in the fund shall be used for the administration of the Pesticide Project Fund and the pesticide registration program and at least seventy percent shall apply to pesticide education programs, applicator training, and other educational and safety programs.

A "Pesticide Project Fund Grant Review Committee" is created by the Director of the Department of Agriculture in consultation with the chair of the Senate and House Agriculture committees for the purposes of evaluating projects and making funding awards. Members shall serve four years and not be compensated but will be reimbursed for necessary expenses.

In order to be eligible for moneys in the Pesticide Project Fund, applicants submit a proposed plan to the Director by March 31. Approval of funding is determined by the Pesticide Project Fund Grant Committee. Applicants that are successful in their bid for grants must submit a report containing an accounting of all moneys expended. Any unobligated or unexpended project moneys allocated to a recipient shall revert back to the Pesticide Project Fund within 60 days after the close of the project. If a recipient fails to complete a project, the recipient shall submit partial or full repayment as determined by the Director.

If the balance in the Pesticide Project Fund exceeds $3 million in unobligated funds during any fiscal year, the pesticide registration fees shall be reduced to $15 during the following registration period. If the fund falls below $1 million, the pesticide registration fee shall be increased to $115 until the fund attains the balance of $3 million in unobligated funds.

The Pesticide Project Fund is administered by the Plant Industries Division within the Department of Agriculture. The Department is required to submit a written report to both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees that provides a detailed account of the programs funded and grants made for the fund.

This act requires anyone who sells or commercially transports pesticides pays an annual $115 registration fee for each product to the General Revenue Fund. This act adds to the annual fee an additional $100 and changes the late renewal penalty from $5 to $50. For each registration, $15 is credited to the General Revenue Fund and the remainder is deposited in the Pesticide Project Fund. Pesticides must be registered as new products if there is a change in company name, trade name, active ingredient, concentration, or federal registration number.

This act is similar to HB 355 (2003).