SJR 009 Changes procedures for amending the St. Louis City Charter
01/03/01S First Read S32
01/11/01Second Read and Referred S Local Government & S86
Economic Development Committee
01/23/01Hearing Conducted S Local Government and Economic
Development Committee
02/13/01Voted Do Pass S Local Government & Economic
Development Committee
02/22/01Reported From S Local Government & Economic S320
Development Committee to Floor
03/14/01SS S offered (Goode) (0701S.03F) S489
03/14/01Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S489
03/26/01SS S adopted S539
03/26/01Perfected S539
03/27/01Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S556
04/04/01S Third Read and Passed S646
04/04/01H First Read H949
04/05/01H Second Read H989
04/09/01Referred H Miscellaneous Bills & Resolutions Com. H1019
04/18/01Hearing Conducted H Miscellaneous Bills & Resolutions
04/18/01Voted Do Pass H Miscellaneous Bills & Resolutions
05/08/01Reported Do Pass H Miscellaneous Bills & Resolutions H1735
05/18/01H Calendar S Joint Resolutions for Third Reading
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