SB 0422 Extends the fee collection period for the State Emergency Management Agency
02/06/01S First Read S206
02/12/01Second Read and Referred S Commerce & Environment S235
02/20/01Hearing Conducted S Commerce & Environment Committee
02/22/01Voted Do Pass S Commerce & Environment Comm - Consent
02/27/01Reported From S Commerce & Environment Committee to S351
Floor - Consent
03/06/01Referred S Budget Control Committee S411
03/13/01Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
03/13/01Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
03/13/01Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S481
03/14/01S Third Read and Passed - Consent S488
03/14/01H First Read S724
03/15/01H Second Read H732
04/02/01Referred H Public Safety & Law Enforcement Committee H914
04/05/01Re-referred H Local Government & Related Matters Com. H1005
04/10/01Hearing Conducted H Local Government & Related
Matters Committee
04/24/01Bill Combined w/HCS/SCS SB 486 & SB 422 H Local
Government & Related Matters Committee
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